Gary Morris has a new title: Cupid.

Before the country star's recent performance in Blackfoot, Idaho, he visited a local radio station. During the interview, the station played his beautiful song, 'The Love She Found in Me,' much to the delight of a listener named Steve who was compelled to reach out to the singer-songwriter.

"Steve wrote me this long email about how much he loved my music and what a big fan he was," Gary tells The Boot. "He said he had a girlfriend, Ronell, and if I would sing 'The Love She Found in Me' at the show, he wanted to ask her to marry him.

"Now here's the kicker: he is 65 and I think she is 62," the 'Wind Beneath My Wings' singer continues, "so it's not like they are teenage sweethearts!"

Being that Gary's gig was at a 1,200 seat theater, he figured it wouldn't be hard to find Steve in the crowd.

"So I start singing 'The Love She Found in Me' and after the two verses I stop and say, 'Steve, are you out there?' I hear him go, 'Yeah!' So I say, 'Is Ronell with you?' and he says, 'Yeah.' I tell him to stand up and then I say, 'Do you have something you want to say to her?' So then he starts into this whole thing about how long he's known Ronell and stuff, and I finally say, 'Steve, just ask her!' So he gets down on his knee and asks her right there in the theater, and she said yes. The place just went crazy!

"So I finished the song and I told them that I had another song that I had re-written a couple of the lines in after his email, and since they were an inspiration for the song, they could use it in their wedding. It's called 'If You Were Mine.' Then I sang it to them, and that was the first time I ever sang that song in a concert."

After getting back home from the show, Gary recorded the song and put it out as his current single. It's been a long time since the singer has had an official radio single, so he was uncertain of its reception. "I'm amazed, a couple of Clear Channel stations have said they would play it, and they're getting great response on it," he happily reports. "So who knows, maybe I'll find a place on radio again. That would be nice."

Gary also tells us that he'll sing 'If You Were Mine' at an upcoming wedding for a friend in Nashville. With the response he's getting this early after its release, he may be booked at a multitude of nuptials before wedding season is over this spring!

Gary is trying a different approach for his upcoming album. He is releasing a single every four weeks on iTunes, beginning with 'If You Were Mine,' which is available now. The second tune, 'There Will Never Be Another You," releases today (March 9). Gary is also performing a special show at the Country Music Hall of Fame's Ford Theatre tonight.

Watch Gary Sing 'The Love She Found in Me' at the Opry