Though Garth Brooks has always kept music and politics separate, the country legend is quite verbal about supporting the Commander in Chief, regardless of party affiliation. But would he ever consider running for government office himself? Maybe.

In a conversation with celebrity journalist of the rich and famous, Robin Leach, Garth may have hinted at a future career in politics -- an arena that he may be able to fix up a bit. "Everyone who's ever been an employer or a boss is basically leading people. So the thought of leading people doesn't scare me," the 'Friends in Low Places' singer told Leach. "What scares me is that our system is 200 years old, one of the youngest systems on the planet, and our system is the best system out there."

But the entertainer suggested that a political system as young as America's may still need some fine tuning. In a recent service trip to Haiti, Garth discovered what political collapse really looks like.

"The main thing that I learned from Haiti this year, by driving through Port-au-Prince, that stuck with me is that with a few bad decisions, my own country could be in that shape in a few years," he said, referring to widespread corruption and massive poverty in the tiny island nation. "We must always think of what's right and wrong, not what's Republican or Democrat. We must think of what is right or wrong; if we don't, then I don't think that anyone is immune from that happening to their own country."

Garth's interest in government and possible political ambition ties back to his late father, who told him, "Son, just because you're the best of what's out there doesn't mean you're worth a s---,'" recalls the singer. "'You've got to look in your own mirror and say, 'Can our system be better? It might be the best one that's out there, but can our system be better?'"

To Garth, that answer is a definite "yes." So, heading to the ballot box in Oklahoma may one day yield a very familiar name, one you've seen on countless record covers.

"Maybe it'll be up to people like me to make it better," he surmises of a run for office. Garth, you've got our vote!

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