Gabby Barrett teamed with an all-star pair of songwriters, Ross Copperman and Josh Osborne, to pen "Write It on My Heart" for her debut album, Goldmine. During a pre-release media event, the singer shared that she was thrilled to be teamed up with the two hitmakers, and explained how the song came together.

The way she describes it, Barrett led the co-writing session, with Copperman and Osborne helping her create a song that felt perfect for her. Read on for the story behind "Write It on My Heart."

That was an amazing write to walk into: both legendary people who have written songs for huge names. Yeah, that was an awesome write; they were both great.

We just always kind of talked about, in the writing room, when we were writing, "What songs don't you have on your album? What do you want to write about?" It was never a forced idea from somebody else, which is something I really love about the writers in Nashville, 'cause they never try to force their idea on the artist. They're always asking, "What do you want to write about?"

And so, music just came about, and this ended up what we were -- what we started writing about, and how the song kind of goes ... It's set up really cool, but then the main idea of "Write It on My Heart" is saying you're falling in love with this person and you're just saying, "Give me all your baggage. Give me all your secrets. Give me every single thing about you, because no matter the good or the bad, I want all of it, and I want you to just write it on my heart as if you were, like, writing it in stone."

And so, it came together really, really well. And I think the formula of the song and how it was sang was pretty cool, too, so it's another special one.

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