Pennsylvania native Gabby Barrett grew up hundreds of miles away from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, but supporting its mission is something of a family tradition for the "I Hope" singer.

"My parents always donated to St. Jude every month when I was growing up,” Barrett recalls. “I remember the envelopes and the stamps and stuff."

Years later — after finishing third during American Idol's 16th season and, more recently, scoring a major hit with her debut single — Barrett made her first visit to St. Jude's Memphis, Tenn., campus in 2020. She knew the stories about how special of a place it is, but to see it for herself was different.

"I did hear it’s very uplifting, happy, colorful, and that they try to do everything for the kids to make them feel normal and at home," Barrett shares. "I remember going in and it didn’t smell like a hospital, and the hallways are just colorful and have paintings. It’s very beautifully done.

"I could tell they do everything they can to make the children feel comfortable," adds the new mom, "and like they’re not in a hospital.”

Over the next two days (Feb. 4-5), The Boot, Taste of Country and radio stations nationwide will bring awareness to St. Jude and ask for your support. Become a Partner in Hope for just $19 a month and get the enjoyment of knowing you're a part of St. Jude's We Won't Stop commitment. You'll even get a sharp, red T-shirt to show off.

This is The Boot and Townsquare Media's seventh radiothon for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Our $11 million raised is a small, but important part of the nearly $1 billion raised through Country Cares, the Randy Owen-founded initiative that started more than 30 years ago.

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