Portland-bred quintet Fruition have shared the final single off Broken at the Break of the Day, the second portion of their new double album. Rich and reflective, the track puts a simple spotlight on singer Mimi Naja's vocals, the band's trademark harmonies serving as a warm backdrop. Press play below to listen to the track, which premieres exclusively for readers of The Boot.

The singer says that "Counting the Days" represents a bookend on either side of two breakups, years apart. Its message sheds light on how people learn and change over time, and simultaneously, the ways in which they stay the same over the years.

"This song was six years in the making," Naja explains. "It got its foundation then, at the end of a relationship, and then revisited and breathed current life into at the end of another this fall. It's very powerful to see what changes and how we grow, and also see where and how we're stubborn, and what will never change."

"Counting the Days" is the 10th song on a 14-track project, which is broken up into two segments. Broken at the Break of the Day is a companion for and second section to Wild as the Night, which came out in November.

Both legs of the finished project deliver plenty of Fruition's trademark vocal harmony, dynamic instrumentals and blues-inflected, Beatles-inspired musical stylings. However, "Counting the Days" sees them at their folksiest and most stripped down, letting technical proficiency take a backseat to simple, pure emotion.

Broken at the Break of the Day is due out on Friday (Jan. 17). It's available for pre-order now.

Listen to Fruition's "Counting the Days"

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