Folk duo Fox & Bones are premiering their brand-new song "Roots" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen to the reverential tribute to places that feel like home.

The distinctive timbres of Fox and Bones' Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore power "Roots," which was written and inspired by Vitort's surprising roots in East Tennessee. ""Roots" explores the juxtaposition of having family roots somewhere and also the idea that you can lay your own roots anywhere," Vitort tells The Boot.

"As it turned out, my family could be traced back to the exact part of Tennessee where this song was born," she explains, "so though it was new to me, it felt familiar."

Vitort also notes that "Roots" explores what it means to find home wherever you are: "Living on the road can be ungrounding at times," she admits, "but moments like that day in Tennessee were a reminder to me that we can find home anywhere, and we have been lucky enough to find surrogate homes in places all over the world."

"On tour, we stay with family and friends all over the country, where we have literal roots," Vitort adds, "but we also choose to grow roots in places where we feel welcome, loved and supported, and this song touches on both of those sentiments."

After meeting in 2016, Vitort and Gilmore say, Fox and Bones' chemistry was instant. The duo wrote their first song together virtually, over Facebook messenger, and released their first collection of songs together about six months later. Since, they've toured in the United States and Europe, and they will soon unveil their sophomore album, on which "Roots" appears.

Fox & Bones' forthcoming album is titled Better Land and is set for release on Oct. 19. Visit for more information.

Listen to Fox and Bones, "Roots":

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