As Mother's Day approaches, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of the superstar country duo Florida Georgia Line recently took a moment to reflect on the qualities that they each inherited from their mothers. For his part, Kelley says that he sees his mom in some of his own very best qualities.

"I think I got my sweetness from my mom," the country star says. "She's an angel, and I'm very thankful I had such a great, loving mother. I'm super thankful for her leadership, and for watching her and my dad."

While Hubbard agrees that his mom gave him some of his best and most important traits, those traits aren't necessarily nearly as angelic: "The quality I got from my mom, I think, is a good, healthy dose of stubbornness," the singer admits with a laugh. "Probably a little bit of OCD. I think I got that from my mom, too."

However, he goes on to say, those characteristics can be helpful. "If you saw my closet at my house, you'd probably get a chuckle out of that," he adds. "It's pretty ridiculous how clean and how organized my things must be at all times."

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While the bandmates' moms may have passed very different qualities down to their sons, both Hubbard and Kelley say they're grateful to have grown up with their mothers' positive influences. "[My mom is] just a big-hearted lady," Hubbard relates. "She's selfless. She's very giving of her time. She never says 'no,' which she should. She should say 'no' more.

"I've learned to do that, but in my heart, I always wanna say 'yes' to everything and everybody. I learned a lot from her," he continues. "She's a special lady."

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