Country duo Florida Georgia Line and pop artist Bebe Rexha scored a massive cross-genre hit with "Meant to Be," a song that's spent a record-breaking 32 weeks (and counting!) at No. 1 on the country charts in 2018. It's also now the single by a female artist that's topped the country songs chart for the longest time. However, it was almost never written. 

Keep reading to learn how Rexha wound up walking into the studio with FGL's Tyler Hubbard for a co-writing session that was truly "Meant to Be."

The truth was that me and Tyler [Hubbard] were both having a really hard day that day. He had a session beforehand, and then, somehow, an artist canceled ... Meanwhile, I had a session that day, and the writer I was working with was in a fight with her boyfriend, so she was crying and I was trying to let her be human and not force her to write a song. So, she ran out of the studio, and I kind of gave up on the day, and that's when my manager said, "You should really just go in the studio!"

I was burnt out. I didn't want to write a song. But every time I don't wanna go in the studio winds up being when the magic happens, because since you've given up, you kind of do whatever feels right. Tyler told me he'd had a rough day, too, and that when he was in the elevator going back down from dinner, his wife had told him, "If it's meant to be, it'll be."

They didn't know yet that they were pregnant at the same time! So it's kind of crazy how all that happened. As the song started growing, they had a baby ... It's pretty amazing.

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