It's hard to imagine a time when Florida Georgia Line weren't country radio superstars, but back in 2012, hearing their songs on the radio was still a brand-new feeling for the duo.

In fact, the first time they heard their hit, "Cruise," Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley were at a Nashville venue with a fellow musician. Read on to learn the story of that day, and how, even now, hearing their songs on country radio inspires Florida Georgia Line to work harder. 

Tyler Hubbard: I had just pulled into [Broadway] Brewhouse. We were there with Chase Rice and a few of our buddies. And "Cruise" was on. I think it was 2012.

I rolled all the windows down, got outside, parked that thing, kept it on and just cranked it up, to celebrate. I've still got that video on my laptop somewhere.

Honestly, I still have that same feeling, whether we're in Florida, on the road, here [in Nashville]. It's freaking radio. It's so powerful. It's what we grew up on.

It's amazing. It's such a cool feeling. It makes you just wanna continue that magic and that work ethic that got you there and is gonna keep you there. It never gets old.

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