New country duo FINMAR are in perfect harmony in a new, acoustic performance of their song "If It Weren't for You." The clip is premiering exclusively via The Boot; press play below to watch.

In the song, the pair are grateful to their significant others, who have turned them from partying bachelors to the kind of people who enjoy staying home and savoring time with the ones they love. "This kind of settle down ain't what I ever woulda wanted ... If it weren't for you," they admit.

FINMAR wrote "If It Weren't for You" in 2019, and they co-produced the song, too. Says Thomas Finchum, one-half of the duo, "We've always felt connected to the lyric because it rings true to our personal lives. I never really loved red wine, but now I drink it all the time because it's my wife's favorite."

Adds Alex Marshall, Finchum's bandmate, "This has been my wife's favorite song ever since the first time I played it for her. It also has really resonated with our fans, so I am excited to finally put it out into the world."

FINMAR are former Olympic diver Finchum — the "FIN-" portion of the duo's name, who competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics and multiple national and world championship diving tournaments before retiring from the sport in 2012 — and Alex Marshall, a founding member of the emo/pop-punk band the Cab ( and the "-MAR" half of the pair).

"Outside of the music, Alex and I are best friends," Finchum shares. "A lot of times, our songs come from us just hanging out, playing music and getting inspired. Once the song is there lyrically and musically, we dig in and produce the tracks together. It's the most fun I've had making music in my life."

Fans can keep up with FINMAR at

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