Filmore says that for him, all the hard work of being an artist comes with a huge payoff. That gratification comes in the form of big, memorable moments, like when he feeds off the energy of a crowd, or when he hears his song on the radio. Below, Filmore recalls the very first time he ever heard himself sing on the radio. Read on! 

I think I was in Seattle. I was in the car. It was the beginning of radio tour, and it just came on, probably fifteen minutes after I left the station. So, during the day. And I was in the back singing it, and people were videoing me. Then I'm like, "Please turn off the cameras!" (laughs) You gotta [document] the moment, but I was more or less trying to enjoy the moment at the time.

Yeah, I don't think it goes away. Hearing your song on the radio -- hearing it played anywhere -- is the coolest thing. From writing a song to performing it on stage, like, being a part of the entire's why I do what I do. As a writer, if you can get from point A to point B, and then see the response, and see people relating to the words that you wrote, [it feels amazing]. The fact that people are supporting something that didn't exist until you put it together, and then you pushing it and have other people behind you believing in it -- it becomes something bigger than yourself. That's something that I always wanna be part of.

[Going from the] write to onstage, or from the write to hearing it on the radio, it's one of the coolest feelings ever. I don't think it ever gets old.

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