There are plenty of great guitarists in country music, but comparatively few of them are singer-songwriters and name-brand recording artists. A number of artists play rhythm guitar well enough to play along onstage, but when it comes to lead guitar solos, most artists rely on well-paid, highly skilled band members to do the honors.

That's not true of everyone, though: Some country stars are both artists and lead instrumentalists. Chet Atkins was, of course, one of the most influential guitarists ever to pick up the instrument, and Willie Nelson's inimitable jazz-influenced country leads take the music in a slightly different direction.

In his guitar-playing, Vince Gill mostly adheres to a traditional approach, but Brad Paisley blends a traditional style with modern-sounding material. Keith Urban has injected a little rock into his country for a sound that's all his own, while up-and-comers such as Lindsay Ell and Chase Bryant can shred with the best of 'em.

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Country Music's Best Guitarists

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