Combining smart songwriting and heart-stopping harmonies, Farewell Angelina have been hard to miss since bursting onto the scene with the release of their self-titled EP in 2016. Fans of the Dixie Chicks and Pistol Annies have likely already fallen for their four-part melodies and whip-smart country sound that packs honesty and vulnerability ... with a healthy dash of sass!

Four monumentally talented artists make up Farewell Angelina: Lauren Lucas, Lisa Torres, Nicole Witt and Andrea Young were all successful songwriters and multi-instrumentalists in their own right before teaming up. Their quartet is named after a classic 1960s Bob Dylan ballad, setting a high standard for Farewell Angelina's four members.

"We were looking for a unique band name that was both attention-grabbing and feminine," Young tells Rolling Stone. "Since some of our favorite bands have been named after songs, we started a list of song titles with women's names in them. We all gravitated to "Farewell Angelina," and we fell in love with the story behind the song."

Farewell Angelina's latest single, "If It Ain't With You," is garnering acclaim from fans and critics alike for its honest songwriting, powerful harmonies and layered instrumentation. In many ways, it's the perfect reflection of the group: Every member plays brilliantly to her strengths, making the whole so much greater than the sum of its parts and creating a sound that will stick with listeners long after the song is over.

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Watch Farewell Angelina Cover "The House of the Rising Sun"

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