Valentine's Day only comes once a year, but that's not the only day of the year guys should shower their ladies with romantic gifts. After 16 years of marriage to Faith Hill, Tim McGraw is well aware of this fact.

"I feel like it's more of an all-year round thing, but I try to do something," Tim says of his Valentine's traditions. "Sometimes are better than others. It depends on how much time that I have or how lazy I'm being. But I do pretty well most of the time. Sometimes (my gifts to Faith) are bigger than others, sometimes they're just very simple. Faith has a rose garden, she loves being around her rose garden and cutting roses. I've been finding these antique vases to get her for several occasions, so those have been pretty cool."

As for how they'll spend the lovey dovey holiday, the parents of Gracie (15), Maggie (14) and Audrey (12) don't plan on anything too extravagant. "We like to keep things simple," Faith told InTouch on the Grammy Awards red carpet, before looking to her husband, "It's always Valentines Day with you, baby."

"The best time is quality time hanging out with the kids," Tim adds. "Nothing real extravagant. Every now and then we'll go on a date, but our dates are usually 12 o'clock in the afternoon and having lunch on a Tuesday ... and going to a movie."

See Tim & Faith on the Grammy Red Carpet