Eric Church will release a vinyl version of his No. 1 album, 'The Outsiders,' on Saturday (April 19) in honor of National Record Store Day. The vinyl package will include two bonus tracks, as well as an exclusive album poster.

It makes sense that Church would break tradition by releasing a vinyl version of the hit record, since he's been purposefully going against the mold for the entire project.

"When you make an album, you can’t go in with this preconceived notion of, 'Here’s what it is.’ You have to be committed and take the time to the process, to let the creativity lead you there,” he notes. “And I think for us, that’s we did. We let the songs dictate what was next, and there’s two songs on this album that if you pull them out of the album, I like ‘em — I just don’t love ‘em near as much as if you put ‘em back in, because of the space that they give the songs in between, and what I feel when I listen to the record.”

This is Church's second time to release a vinyl version of one of his records for National Record Store Day. Last year, he released his live 'Caught in the Act: Live' album on vinyl.

See a complete track listing for the vinyl version of 'The Outsiders' below. The 'Give Me Back My Hometown' singer will kick off his The Outsiders World Tour on Sept. 11, with Dwight Yoakam serving as his special guest for the entire tour, and Brandy Clark, Brothers Osborne and Halestorm alternating as his opening act. A list of all of his upcoming shows can be found here.

The Outsiders (Vinyl Version) track listing:
Side 1
1. 'The Outsiders'
2. 'A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young'
3. 'Cold One'
4. 'Roller Coaster Ride'

Side 2
1. 'Talladega'
2. 'Broke Record'
3. 'Like a Wrecking Ball'
4. 'That’s Damn Rock & Roll'

Side 3
1. 'Dark Side'
2. 'Devil, Devil (Prelude: Princess of Darkness)'

Side 4
1. 'Give Me Back My Hometown'
2. 'The Joint'
3. 'The Outsiders (Extended Version)' – Bonus track
4. 'Come Together' – Bonus track

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