Eric Church makes his 'Austin City Limits' TV debut on Nov. 15, but The Boot readers are getting an exclusive look at his performance of 'Pledge Allegiance to the Hag,' which will not be part of the broadcast, as well as a peek behind the scenes of the show.

Church filmed his 'ACL' concert back in September, playing songs from his latest album, 'The Outsiders,' which debuted at No. 1, as well as tunes from past albums 'Carolina' and 'Chief.' 'Pledge Allegiance to the Hag' comes off Church's debut disc, 'Sinners Like Me.'

"This goes on that handful of special nights," Church says of the show. "I have a few of them, but this certainly goes in that category of one of the most special things we've done."

The singer's usual lights and pyro, and even his wild on-stage demeanor, are slightly scaled back for this performance, but Church still looks like he's pouring his heart and soul out as he paints a picture of a bar where the legendary Merle Haggard is honored every hour.

"Eric and his band know how to rock harder than many rock ‘n' roll bands," says Terry Lickona, 'Austin City Limits'' executive producer, "and his music and the words behind it have a way of reaching fans way beyond the usual borders of country music. He's a perfect fit for 'ACL.'"

Press play on the video above to see Church's 'Pledge Allegiance' performance, and check out the video below for behind-the-scenes footage. Click here to find out when Church's 'ACL' episode, part of the program's 40th season, will air on your local PBS station.