Country-pop newcomer Emma White is premiering her brand-new song "Seriously Casual" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to hear the dating anthem for the Tinder generation.

Inspired by the way social media and smartphone apps have changed how relationships form, White and co-writers Andy Skib and Emily Earle decided to embrace the casual nature of modern dating instead of wringing their hands about it. "I'm not your first call, I'm not your last / I'm not your future, I'm not your past," White sings nonchalantly. "I haven't met your friends, I haven't met your dad / And I'm okay with that."

"With social media and dating apps, there’s always something else, and someone else, around the corner. It can feel like no one actually cares or has a real stake in things," White tells The Boot. "Instead of getting upset about it, my co-writers and I decided to embrace it in this song."

Based in Nashville -- where she recently co-founded Whitehouse Records, a label focused on developing female artists -- White is also gearing up to release a new EP, on which "Seriously Casual" appears. Called The Actress, the project follows the release of White's recent, critically acclaimed single "Ten Year Town."

The Actress is due out on Friday (Sept. 20). Visit for more.

Listen to Emma White's "Seriously Casual"

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