Nashville singer-songwriter Emily Scott Robinson is debuting her new song "Better With Time" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Fans can press play below to listen to the song, which Robinson describes as her own love story.

With its simple, Americana-influenced melody and bright vocals, "Better With Time" follows Robinson's romantic timeline with her husband. The couple met in Telluride, Colo., then got married on the one-year anniversary of their first date. After that, they took another plunge and decided to travel the country in an RV as Robinson pursued her career as an artist.

"I realized I didn’t need to do anything fancy to write a love song — I simply had to tell our story," Robinson tells The Boot. "We’ve worked hard, grown together and took a huge leap of faith by moving into the RV to build my career."

In that RV, Robinson and her husband spent three years traveling across the American West and doing some songwriting. Those songs have resulted in the aptly-titled Traveling Mercies, Robinson's forthcoming album, on which "Better With Time" appears. Over the course of their trip and the writing of her album, Robinson came to some realizations about her marriage that shaped the theme of "Better With Time."

"In our culture, we romanticize the wedding day, but we don’t celebrate the reality of love," she says. "Learning to love someone unconditionally is the hardest and deepest soul work we can do in our lives. It requires courage and patience and vulnerability. I didn’t imagine marriage could get better after our wedding day, but five years in, we are wiser, kinder and more deeply in love than ever.”

Robinson is currently wrapping up work on Traveling Mercies, set for release in February of 2019. Fans can keep up with her via her website,

Listen to Emily Scott Robinson's "Better With Time"

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