Marcus Nirschl says he's still a Tim McGraw fan, even though he was shoved by the country star and kicked out of his concert Tuesday night. The 30-year-old from Kent, Wash., was pulled on stage after McGraw spotted him allegedly attacking a woman on the front row. McGraw and Nirschl then went after one another with clinched fists, but McGraw's crew prevented them from throwing punches. The entire incident was caught on tape.

McGraw's rep insists the singer's actions were out of concern for the female fan's safety. But Nirschl denies any wrongdoing.

"I had a third row seat I paid $120 for," Nirschl told "And I was just making my way up to my seat because I wanted to be up there when he started 'Indian Outlaw.' I was getting shoved up against some empty seats, and I may have pushed some people when I was trying to get my balance. But I didn't grab nobody's hair, and I didn't hit nobody. I'm the nicest guy you'll ever meet."

Nirschl says when McGraw called for security to "get rid of this guy," he didn't realize the singer was talking about him.

"When he reached out for my hand, I thought he recognized me, because I've been to about six of his shows," he said. "I really thought he wanted to pull me on stage for some dancing and stuff . . . But then Tim grabbed me by the back of my belt and pulled me up and then threw me across the stage. And then I see his fist is back, ready to punch me. I still don't understand it."

Security escorted Nirschl backstage and then ejected him from the venue. Police questioned him, but he was not arrested and no charges have been filed. Still, Nirschl says he has every intentions of seeing McGraw in concert again, the next time the country star performs in the Seattle area.

"I still like the guy," said Nirschl. "The music's still great. I just don't know why he wanted to punch me."