Country singer-songwriter Edan Archer is premiering her song "Younger Man's Game" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen to the retro-inspired tune about a man who is "all loved out, it seems."

"Younger Man's Game" is, according to Archer, a "playful ribbing of a jaded boyfriend." "You don't plan for the future, you don't plan for the now / It ain't like you're doin' nothin' anyhow," Archer sings. "You play your cards damn close to your chest / And I let down my guard, and I doubled my bets / Your taste for adventure just isn't the same / I guess lovin' me is a younger man's game."

"This song talks about my ambitions for the future and my love for life, which requires a partner who still has enough moxie to keep up with me," Archer tells The Boot. "It isn’t so much about being young in years, but about being hungry for life, and having a “taste for adventure. It’s also slightly ironic because I’m not super young myself anymore, but I sure live like I am."

For "Younger Man's Game," Archer tracked her vocals live while the band recorded, lending a natural, spontaneous feel. "It's pretty much a live song," she says. "The energy was just so natural that we decided to use the 'scratch' vocal and just roll with it."

Even though Archer now describes herself as "mostly nomadic," her forthcoming album, Journey Proud, on which "Younger Man's Game" appears, is steeped in her home state of Florida, both lyrically and sonically. The record is set for release on Aug. 2, and fans can learn more about the project and Archer at

Listen to Edan Archer's "Younger Man's Game"

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