Dwight Yoakam has successfully balanced his music career with an acting career, including starring in 'Panic Room' and the Oscar-winning film, 'Sling Blade.' Now, the 57-year-old will appear on the small screen in the hit CBS series, 'Under the Dome.'

Yoakam will play Lyle Chumley, who runs the Chester Mill's barbershop, the Two Scissors. According to TV Guide, Chumley has a lengthy and complicated history with Big Jim (played by Jim Norris), since Chumley was once romantically involved with Big Jim's wife, Pauline, who passed away. To complicate events even further, Chumley has a connection to the Dome, and could be the person who knows the answers to its origin.

This isn't the country music hitmaker's first foray into a TV show. He also had a recurring role on the FX series, 'Wilfred,'  and starred in the mini-series 'To Appomattox.'

Yoakam is still making his music career a priority. He released his critically-acclaimed album, '3 Pears,' in 2012.

"Every song on here at some point turns back to the emotion of love, toward someone in a relationship," he explains of his latest record. "In the case of me, there are personal touchstones in my life. Things are composites a lot. I don’t generally detail my personal life verbatim. There’s a certain romance about life in the large sense of what we’re all experiencing together that I’m trying to communicate to whoever is listening.”

Yoakam will have to juggle times on the set with his touring schedule. He heads to California, Nevada and Arizona later this month. See a list of all of his upcoming shows here.

The Season 2 premiere of 'Under the Dome' will air on Monday, June 30 at 10PM ET.