Dustin Lynch spent part of 2015 serving as the opener on Luke Bryan's Kick the Dust Up Tour, and while he'll join Bryan again on tour in 2016, for now, Lynch is busy on the road on his own tour. The singer recently launched his 2015 Hell of a Night Tour and says that he learned a lot from watching Bryan.

"I feel so much more comfortable on stage after watching him so much," Lynch tells The Boot. "He doesn’t give a crap about what he’s doing; he just shoots from the hip. There’s no rules. He’s so comfortable and such a goofball. It’s kinda like, ‘I don’t have to take myself serious up there. This is great. What’s it matter?’ So that’s allowed me to become comfortable, move around a lot more and have a lot more interaction with the crowd."

Still, even after serving as an opening act, Lynch admits that it is a bit daunting to be in charge of his own tour.

"It's all on me. There is a lot of pressure now," Lynch acknowledges. "It’s like, Luke told me what to do. Keith Urban told me what to do. Now it’s all on me: I’ve got to sell the tickets. I’ve got to make sure everything goes off as planned. So, yeah, there’s a little anxiousness to get out there, a little nervousness, but we’ve been preparing for this our whole lives. We know how to play the songs, I promise. How are we going to mess it up? I guess if the lights don’t work or if somebody gets hurt?"

While headlining his very own tour is a thrill, Lynch is also excited that he's been invited to hit the road with Bryan once more, this time on Bryan's 2016 Kill the Lights Tour.

"I’m getting to tour again with Luke Bryan. Come on. It doesn’t get any better than that," Lynch says. "I can’t believe he invited me out again."

A list of all of Lynch's upcoming tour dates is available on his website.

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