Dustin Lynch has surprise-released a new single, called "Good Girl." Readers can press play above to hear the brand-new track, which Lynch dropped late on Friday (May 4).

"Good Girl" is an ode to Lynch's love, who is an all-around (you guessed it) "good girl." Lynch sings of the woman, "You're an angel / You're a keeper / The kinda thing that you gotta lock down / I'm lovin' just livin' every minute since you came around." Throughout the summery, upbeat track, Lynch explains just how perfect she is, and how she's changed his world for the better.

"I got it good girl / 'Cause I got myself a good girl / Still can't believe I found you / Can't imagine life without you," Lynch sings in the chorus of "Good Girl." "Yeah, you up and took my whole world / And made it so good, girl."

The release of "Good Girl" caught Lynch by surprise, too: In an Instagram video, he talks about how he couldn't stand the thought of not releasing the song for this summer, so he made it happen pretty quickly.

"I called my record label, [and] they were cool with me going ahead and recording it, and then I asked, 'Man, what if we went ahead and put this out for Summer '18?' Like, I can't wait all year long to put out this out next year or something," Lynch says, "and they were like, 'Why, hell yeah!'"

"Good Girl" is available for purchase on iTunes; the song will be going for adds at country radio beginning on May 21.

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