The Dugger Band are premiering the music video for their song "East Tennessee Son" with The Boot. Readers can press play above to watch the new clip from the sibling duo.

Jordan and Seth Dugger filmed their "East Tennessee Son" music video in their hometown of Greeneville, Tenn., which is located in the northeast corner of the state. Throughout the video, fans will see a number of locations with special meaning to the brothers: the Albany United Methodist Church, where the Duggers started out singing during services (their parents are pastors); a favorite fast-food spot, Pal's Sudden Service; Double D Tire, where Jordan used to work; and the Capital Theatre, the first venue to put the duo's name on their marquee.

“We’ve always been proud of where we come from, and we really wanted to film a video that spotlights all of the memorable places where we spent our childhood and teenage years in East Tennessee,” Jordan Dugger says. “Greeneville is where we learned about the importance and value of enjoying the simple things, and that rural town is the fiber of our character and heart.”

The cars featured in the clip -- a 1965 Ford Mustang convertible and a Chevy Chevelle Super Sport -- were on loan from another local Greeneville establishment, J&G Body Shop. Seth Dugger admits it was "a little stressful" driving the classic automobiles.

"We spent a good four or five hours practicing how to drive a stick shift to become closely comfortable with it," he adds. "We both sweat bullets — driving in first and second gear trying not to stall it — during the 18-20 hour shoot … and it wasn’t because of the heat."

Written by the Duggers and Bill DiLuigi, "East Tennessee Son" is the title track from the Dugger Band's new EP, released in February and available for download via iTunes. After graduating from the University of Tennessee (Jordan has a degree in architecture, while Seth has his in finance), the brothers formed the Dugger Band in 2011. Visit to learn more about the duo.

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