Drivin N Cryin released their Aaron Lee Tasjan-produced album Live the Love Beautiful, in June of 2019. However, at least one of the project's tracks was inspired by the early days of frontman Kevn Kinney's career, as well as the early days of his life.

Below, Kinney recalls how he was inspired to write "Over and Over" after listening back to an old Drivin N Cryin record in order to brush up on how to play the songs.

It's a true story: the first time I bought my own record at a Goodwill. At the same time, we had re-released an album, and I was trying to re-learn the songs, and I didn't have a CD of it. I didn't have a CD player. This is like, a year ago, and I'm trying to learn [our record] Too Late to Turn Back Now.

I'd listen to it over and over and over again, and I'm like, "This is a lot of fun, listening to my own record over and over again!"

But I think what I'm thinking about when I'm singing it is, back when I was a kid and I bought 99 cent 45s at the Musicland. I remember me and my friends would put it on the record player at home -- [Tommy James and the Shondells'] Crimson & Clover was one of them, actually.

As I got into punk rock in the early days, I would go to Chicago and get 45s of punk rock bands from London, like the Clash. Or the Ramones -- who are not from London, they're from New York -- but we would play "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" over and over. We would just play it -- we couldn't listen to it enough.

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