When it came time for Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors to record their 2019 studio album Dragons, the musicians convened at Echo Mountain Studio in Asheville, N.C. Originally built as a church, the building was redesigned as a studio in 2003, and though its recording capabilities are state of the art, many of the original architecture and design features of the original church remain.

That aesthetic takes center stage in Holcomb and his band's new live video for their album's title track, which they are premiering exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch the clip, filmed just before the band recorded the version of "Dragons" that appears on the album, Holcomb tells The Boot.

Beyond maintaining the look of a sacred space, Echo Mountain's architecture lends an acoustic clarity to the group's crisp and clear vocal harmonies. In fact, for the entire studio project, Holcomb says he and the Neighbors were focused on creating a rich, anthemic sound, "expanding the emotional architecture of the songs so that the bigger themes and emotions would have space to hit harder."

Thematically, "Dragons" examines some big-picture ideas, including the roles we all embody -- and fight against -- on a daily basis. "A big part of this record for me was about taking stock of the many roles I play and synthesizing them into the emotions of these songs," Holcomb says.

“I’ve made peace with the fact that I live a pretty normal life — I’ve got a happy marriage, healthy kids, a job I enjoy immensely — and yet still I’m reminded of the quote: ‘Always be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle ...’" he reflects. "What I’ve learned is that music is here to help us overcome and get through life and survive those moments.”

"Dragons" was co-written by the Lone Bellow, who are featured on the track's studio version. Holcomb & the Neighbors' new album is set for release on Aug. 16.