Dom Flemons, a founding member of Grammy-winning string band Carolina Chocolate Drops, has embarked on a solo career, and he's premiering his new video, 'Too Long (I've Been Gone),' exclusively on The Boot.

The clip is contemplative and thrilling, a scrapbook of where Flemons has been over the past 10 years -- fitting for a song that the artist says is about traveling.

"One of the strangest things about traveling for a living is that you are constantly moving forward, no matter what is going on all around you. It can be a thrill, but it can also be wearying," Flemons shares. "This is a song I wrote on a weary day. This video shows a little bit of the traveling I've done over the past decade, doing what I can to advocate for the music I love."

Long nights under bright lights, energetic performances, days and evenings on the highway, tuning gear and, at times, feeling a bit weary -- the video captures everything Flemons and his band go through while touring. It encapsulates the weariness life on the road can bring, as well as the adrenaline, and shows that the music is always at the heart of it.

Flemons left the Carolina Chocolate Drops in the fall of 2013, and his newest album, 'Prospect Hill,' is actually his third solo record, but it's his first since leaving the band.

"I wanted to show people the other parts of my repertoire that I never really got to showcase in the Chocolate Drops," he says. "On this record, I tried to bring up tunes that showed my own talents as a musician. I also dusted off some tunes I've written over the past several years."

The talented singer-songwriter is currently opening for Old Crow Medicine Show. Fans can purchase Flemons' newest project, 'Prospect Hill,' here.