As allegations of sexual assault, harassment and misconduct involving Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein continue to pour in, country music icon and actress Dolly Parton has weighed in on the scandal. In an interview with Fox Business’ Ashley Webster, Parton says that she “never had the problems with him that some of them did,” but also admits it's "a really heartbreaking thing all around."

“I only worked with Harvey once, and the only thing I remember was he worked my butt off,” Parton says. “That happens a lot ... I’ve been luckier than most."

Parton adds that she thinks that the Weinstein scandal -- which broke after a story was published in the New Yorker on Oct. 10 -- will empower young women in the entertainment industry fight back against sexual harassment.

"I think that’ll give them extra strength to say, 'Hey, remember what happened here? You better back off a little bit," Parton says.

Parton is one in a chorus of female actors and other entertainment business employees who have condemned Weinstein’s behavior; many have shared their own experiences with harassment in the entertainment industry in the days following the news. Since the New Yorker published its story and additional allegations have been made against Weinstein, the producer has resigned from the Weinstein Company, his film studio.

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