The Dixie Chicks are used to taking center stage when recording and performing, but now the trio say they are happy to play second fiddle for an upcoming project. The girls have been tapped to sing on actor and musician Steve Martin's sophomore bluegrass CD.

"It was right up our alley, because we are looking for projects that are fun and exciting and different, and that's just something that's perfect," Martie Maguire tells Billboard. "Of course we said yes to begin with, but then he sent the song and it's really good, so we're really excited. I think we assumed we were going to play, but he's got this amazing bluegrass band [the Steep Canyon Rangers], so we're just harmonizing."

The Dixie Chicks, who just wrapped up a tour with the Eagles and Keith Urban, are continuing to emerge from their self-imposed break, which began in 2007. "We just take one thing at a time as far as opportunities from the outside," Emily Robison explains. "I think we're excited to start writing again and getting new songs for whatever project they happen to be for. But [the Chicks] had a lot of fun in June playing with the Eagles, so I would dare say that in the next nine months we'll be doing something, one way or another."

Martie and Emily, who formed the duo Court Yard Hounds while the Dixie Chicks were on hiatus, are moving forward with their own project, as well. Performing a few Lilith Fair dates, they are also planning an Australian tour later this fall. "I feel like Court Yard Hounds keeps us idling," Martie says. "I think Emily and I function better when we're continually making music and playing, and this is a way to keep doing that. So we're idling, and when Natalie [Maines] says jump, we're ready to jump and do the Dixie Chicks thing again, too. It makes us all fulfilled and happy that way, I think."

The Dixie Chicks have not recorded any new music since their 2006 Grammy-winning album, 'Taking the Long Way,' but they did release 'Playlist: The Very Best of the Dixie Chicks' in June.

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