In 2018, Dillon Carmichael released his debut album, Hell on an Angel, but years before he was able to put out his first project, he garnered attention from a local radio station. The station's staff had seen Carmichael live and were so impressed that they asked for a song of his that they could play on the air. Read on to learn more about the first time the "Dancing Away With My Heart" singer heard his music on the radio. 

The very, very first time I ever heard myself on radio was years ago, actually. There's a radio station close to my hometown that discovered my music in a live setting and said, "Do you have any records that we can play?" They were like, "We wanna be the first. We want you to hear yourself here first."

This was probably four or five years ago. And I had an old demo that I had recorded that I sent 'em, and they played my demo on air. So that meant the world. I didn't [have my publishing deal yet at that point]. Well, it was right around that time, so it was in the works, but I wasn't in the middle of it yet.

I've got a collection of these special moments, and that's one of them. And I appreciate [the radio station that played the song]. If they were to see this right now, they would know who they are, and they know how much I appreciate them.

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