Dierks Bentley has had an amazing year with his No. 1 album, 'Feel That Fire,' and a packed tour schedule. And now that he's a dad, the excitement of his personal life is certainly catching up to his professional one. With a beautiful wife and nine month old baby Evie at home, Dierks admits to feeling a bit guilty about having the best of both worlds.

"I'm able to come out here with the guys and hit the stage, rock as hard as I can, get the crowd going and have a blast out here," he tells the Altoona Mirror. "But then I have the chance to come home, and I have a real life waiting for me."

A self described family man, Dierks understands keeping his feet grounded and family close are important. "When the lights go down, it can be kind of lonely," he says. "The fans don't think about that or care about that, but when you walk off the stage and you're feeling that energy, it's an amazing high and it can be really hard to come off of that ... In Nashville, for single guys living alone, it can be pretty damn lonesome."

Dierks has Brad Paisley to keep him company on the road this summer, joining his buddy on the American Saturday Night tour.