Dierks Bentley and Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum are two of the hottest performers in Nashville, but a freak fire likely wasn't ignited by their combined star power.

The two buddies were out in a Nashville bar at around 11:00 PM on January 18 when Dierks tweeted: "Met my friend Charles Kelley at a bar. He wanted to see my new '67 Camaro. We walked back outside. it was on fire. Not cool."

Sure enough, Dierks later posted video showing firefighters working to extinguish the blaze in his newly purchased Chevrolet. For the country superstar, who regularly tools around town in an old pick-up truck with no air conditioning, the Camaro was a major (and likely much-needed!) purchase.

"Every time I hang out with Charles Kelley disaster strikes," Dierks says in the video in reference to last year's Nashville floods during which he and Charles were together for a time. "It's a '67 Camaro, driven it three times, it caught on fire tonight and now it's being towed away. First floods, now fires. Thanks, Dude." The good news is that no one was hurt in the blaze.

Dierks has had a lot of excitement this past month. On Christmas morning he and his wife Cassidy and two year old Evalyn "Evie" Day welcomed a new baby girl to the family, Jordan Bentley. Dierks also announced that news via Twitter: "Say what you want about Santa's physique, but no arguing his impeccable timing. Evie wanted a little sis for Xmas and Jordan just arrived!" He added his new daughter "chose the banjo-driven part of Mumford & Sons' 'Awake My Soul' as her 'walk-on music' ... could be a troublesome sign."

Dierks next scheduled concert is February 12 in West Hollywood, Calif. For more of his upcoming tour dates, check here.