For his new bluegrass-inspired album, 'Up on the Ridge,' Dierks Bentley has roped in several special guests, including Miranda Lambert and Jamey Johnson on a song called 'Bad Angel,' written by Verlon Thompson and Suzi Ragsdale. While every single song on the project is his favorite, having Miranda and Jamey take part was extra special for the singer because of their close ties.

"I've toured with both of them. They're both good friends," Dierks tells The Boot. "Miranda likes that kind of music. She cuts Buddy and Julie Miller songs. It really started with that song ... It's such a fun track. I thought of two people who would be perfect on it, whose voices who would all complement each other. They were the first two names that came up, and it was really easy to get them on there. They're excited about it ... they're two people I know I can call and they'll do it before they have to ask anybody. Miranda's voice has never sounded better. She was definitely inspired.

"Jamey was great [too]. We toured together before he went through his transformation kind of thing. When we toured together, it was wild and crazy. I remember he was wearing a hat this big," Dierks continues, holding his arms out to demonstrate just how big. "I don't know what the hell he was doing backstage before they went onstage, but they were amped up. We had a lot of fun on that tour, and then he lost his deal and went through his thing, so we've known each other a long time."

The singer-songwriter even brought cameras into the studio to capture the memories of making the record. "We documented this whole thing," he says. "And it's always awkward having a camera right on you, but it was great. I remember us being in the studio and we were doing some stuff and the camera was right on [Jamey's] face. He goes, 'Yeah, it's sounding good, but I'd love to do a couple of passes without this damn camera in my face.' And my cameraman was like, 'OK, time to go!' [He] packed up and walked right out of the room. I think he was a little scared."

Dierks has been added to the all-star line up for 'Music City Keep on Playin' -- A Benefit for Flood Relief,' which will be broadcast live Sunday, May 16 on GAC beginning at 8:00 PM ET.

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