Tour manager-turned-artist Desure is premiering his new song "Los Angeles" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

An acoustic-driven Americana melody gives way to classic rock-influenced drums and guitars in "Los Angeles," as Desure details his decision to leave the City of Angels: "Well it's hard to know why I'm leaving you / My swimming pool and this goddamn view," he sings to open the song. It's clearly a fraught decision -- but, he admits, "Well, Los Angeles, you're killing me / Lord, I can't live on two hours sleep ..."

“Growing up in Los Angeles, you lose a bit of the romanticism, and that feeling dissipates. You find yourself hunting for those innocent feelings and moments, and it comes in waves after a while," Desure tells The Boot. "This song sort of speaks for itself. A breaking point came, and a shift had to occur.”

Desure (full name: Josh Desure) got his start in the music business as country trio Midland's tour manager. One night, though, he jumped onstage as a last-minute opening act in Bakersfield, Calif., and his career as an artist began.

"We always knew Josh was a musician, but it wasn't until we let him open for us at the Crystal Palace when he was tour managing some of our early dates that we realized he was a mind-blowing singer," Midland's Mark Wystrach tells Billboard. "His voice is so powerful that it fills the room.”

Desure's influences include rock 'n' roll singer-songwriters: Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and more. Growing up in LA, of course, inspired him as well; California's varied landscapes and cultures work their way into his music.

Desure released his first single, "Stranded Son," in 2018, and more music is on the way. Fans can keep up with him at

Listen to Desure's "Los Angeles"

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