Alt-country four-piece Dearling are premiering their new track "Real Love" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to stream the sweet, stirring song.

The lyrics for "Real Love" began in a decidedly 21st century fashion: "We did a fundraising campaign, and for a certain amount, I would write a song based on something that person wanted me to write about," Dearling's Rachel James tells The Boot. "A local musician, Sara Snead Hornbuckle, asked that I write a song about her story."

It was easy for James to write about Hornbuckle's experience, as it turned out, because it closely reflected her own. "It was easy for me to write what it meant to go through the darkness, to fight with everything in you for someone that you love," James adds. "In our case, it was our children."

"The song is about what it means to stay when it would be easy to leave," she continues. "Love fights when everything else gives up. That's real love. Where acts of love exist, there is a morning. There is hope for you, your spouse, your children, your future."

Comprised of James, her partner and guitarist Dave Preston, bassist Noah Matthews and drummer Joel Matthews, the Colorado-based Dearling are a collective of strong songwriters and stellar musicians. The band is preparing to release an EP titled Silver and Gold, on which "Real Love" will appear; it follows their 2016 debut, Inheritance.

According to James, "Real Love" is the sonic "bridge" that connects Inheritance to the Silver and Gold EP. "It has those Western, soulful elements that we used so often on our first record," she says. "The concept of loving through hard times and doing the right thing is the perfect fit for the other songs on Silver and Gold."

Silver and Gold is due out on Feb. 22. Fans can keep up with Dearling via the band's website.

Listen to Dearling's "Real Love"

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