It was David Nail's wife Catherine who made the singer realize just what he had with "Got Me Gone," one of the new tracks on his upcoming Fighter album. In the video above, premiering exclusively on The Boot, Nail explains how Catherine showed him that the song was a keeper -- and how his co-writers helped balance the track.

"It was definitely a sexy song," Nail says, recalling that when he first played "Got Me Gone" for his wife, "her reaction [was] unlike anything I'd ever seen before."

"I kind of knew that it was good from that moment," he adds.

Nail wrote "Got Me Gone" with Dave Barnes and Jonathan Singleton -- the former, in Nail's words, "this country guy from West Tennessee" and the latter "a saint."

"It was so much fun to write just from a standpoint of, Jonathan [was] really willing and open to kind of say anything and go anywhere," Nail remembers, "and Dave [was] kind of saying, 'Ehhhh, I don't know if we can be that descriptive or that detailed.'"

Readers can press play on the video above to hear Nail share the story behind "Got Me Gone" -- and listen to a snippet of the tune.

"Got Me Gone" is the ninth track on Fighter, which is set for release on Friday (July 15). Nail wrote or co-wrote seven of the tunes on the disc, which was produced by Frank Liddell.

“I truly believe this album, from top to bottom, is the first time I have been able to tell my story in real-time of where I am right now as an artist, a husband and a father,” Nail admits. “I wrote more songs for this album than I have for any of my other three, so it’s already more personal. Fighter speaks to my journey, my life and now to where I am personally and professionally.”

Fighter is available for pre-order on Nail’s official website.

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