Darius Rucker has released a new song and video inspired by a special patient at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Now 12 years old, Brennan Simkins was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in January 2009, just before he turned seven. He has been in remission since February 2011, and his dad Turner decided to give back to the hospital that helped save his son's life through the song, titled 'Possibilities.'

A family friend, music promoter Joe Stevenson, encouraged Turner to write the song when Brennan's condition worsened after a fourth bone marrow transplant.

“We had gotten ourselves into the mindset of ‘Here we go again,’ ” Turner Simkins tells the Augusta Chronicle. “He knew it would be something to take my mind off things.”

Rucker recorded the song during a one-day session in Memphis, Tenn., with the help of patients at the hospital, and released it as part of a holiday promotion for St. Jude.

“Music is really good at giving people hope to think things are going to get better. That’s what this song is all about,” Rucker says in the video. “I think a lot of parents, when their kids get sick, hope is so hard to find. When I heard it, I was excited to do it.”

Writing the song was a type of therapy for Simkins during a dark point for his family, but the song has become a reminder to remain hopeful when things seem impossible.

“It’s about gratitude and the gifts we always have, regardless of our circumstances,” he says. “It’s a song about faith, friends, family and possibilities.”