Americana singer-songwriter Dante Mazzetti is preparing a new EP, and he's giving The Boot's readers a first listen to one of its tracks. Press play below to hear "Whatcha Gonna Do (Hey Now)."

Tempo changes and a sing-a-long chorus highlight "Hey Now," written by Mazzetti. The song, according to the artist, "focuses on a man who is completely honest about who he is and where he's at. Broken, then hardened, he knows that he must leave the life he once had."

"The river wilds its way close to me / The candle burns back the day to a dream / Oh, and I could stay for good / And you would never know," Mazzetti sings. "But I must go / Just let me ..."

"Whatcha Gonna Do (Hey Now)" is one of four songs on Mazzetti's forthcoming new EP, Hotel Vol. 1, due out in late July. Working with the production team of Adam Sussman, Rachel Alina and Oscar Zambrano, the singer crafted Vol. 1 and the yet-to-be-announced Vol. 2, bringing to life some of his previously written but unreleased material.

“The music on this EP is a mixture of accessibility and wild imagery," Mazzetti says. "I’ve always enjoyed making music that goes off on a tangent but doesn’t fall off the cliff. The songs are doors that open easily into bizarre worlds rather than places of comfort.”

Hotel Vol. 1 will drop on July 26. Visit to learn more.

Listen to Dante Mazzetti's "Whatcha Gonna Do (Hey Now)"

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