Danielle Bradbery's sophomore album, I Don't Believe We've Met, is all about authenticity. The country star launched into the mainstream country scene as a teenager, when she won Season 4 of The Voice and subsequently released her eponymous debut album in 2013. In the four years between her first album and the release of its follow-up, Bradbery began refining her voice as well as expanding the influences in her sound. Read on to learn more about the story behind "Worth It," which Bradbery says is her favorite song on I Don't Believe We've Met.

You know, this whole album, I wanted to be honest and real -- I wanted to go into this right. I had a lot of stuff on my mind.

As someone who's naturally a shy girl, you kind of lack self-worth sometimes. So I was just sharing that with my co-writers [Jeff Pardo and Molly Reed], and they were so sweet and awesome to hear me out. They were already writing down lyrics that they thought up and making up the piano line, all of it.

As we kept going, we made it into a relationship story, which can really be about anything anybody wants it to be. So we wrote this song about having self-worth and that being okay. Without being cocky, it's okay to feel worth it.

It was a message I feel like a lot of people needed. I've witnessed it just from social media. And I needed it! It was one of those songs where it was like, "This is gonna be my favorite on the album."

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