In late 2019, Danielle Bradbery contributed a song to the newest iteration of Charlie's Angels: Called "Blackout," the tune puts a spotlight on Bradbery's poppier side, which makes sense considering that the film appeals to all kinds of moviegoers, not just country music fans. It also fits with the way the song made its way onto the movie's soundtrack, with help from stars of a number of different backgrounds.

"It's a crazy story, and it involves a little bit of name-dropping," Bradbery told The Boot with a laugh on the red carpet of the 2019 CMA Awards. "I was performing here [in Nashville] for CMA Fest and the amazing Scooter Braun came to one of my shows. He was here for Ariana Grande's concert in Nashville.

"And he approached me after I was done and goes, 'Would you like to be on the Charlie's Angels soundtrack? Ari is co-producing the record.' And I'm like, 'Wow, I'm never gonna say no to that.' So that's how the conversation started," the singer explains

It's not the first time that Bradbery has served as a kind of ambassador for country music in other genres. That dates back to her days on The Voice, where she first introduced her multifaceted stylistic blend to audiences. Since then, the singer has brought her country background to a number of diverse venues.

"Um, a little bit!" Bradbery responds, when asked if she feels like an ambassador for the genre. Her role as liaison goes the other way, too: She's introduced plenty of country fans to out-of-genre artists with the release of projects such as Yours Truly: 2018A three-part cover project that includes Kacey Musgraves' "Slow Burn," it also introduced fans to Bradbery's version of songs by Grande and rapper Post Malone.

"I've been in situations, because I've done a lot of out-of-country stuff a lot, and I feel like in ways I have been a representation of country," Bradbery allows. "I've been in situations where I'm literally the only country artist in a room, or in a performance, and that's been really cool."

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