Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys is readying his second solo album. Waiting on a Song was heavily inspired by Nashville, and Auerbach had some very special musicians helping out with the project.

Throughout the summer, Auerbach was working hard on his upcoming record, Rolling Stone reports: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, he co-wrote with the legendary John Prine and David "Fergie" Ferguson (engineer for Johnny Cash's American Recordings projects) -- then, Thursdays through Sundays, he'd record at his own Easy Eye Sound studio. The record, Auerbach tells Rolling Stone, is inspired by Music City ... but on his terms.

“Living in Nashville has definitely changed the way I think about music and the way that I record it," Auerbach -- who moved to Nashville from Akron, Ohio, in 2010 -- says in press release. "I didn’t have all of these resources before. I am working with some of the greatest musicians that ever lived.”

At the end of his weeks of work, Auerbach had about 60 songs ready to go. Some of those include "Waiting on a Song," co-written by Prine, and "Malibu Man," a tribute to Auerbach's friend, the iconic producer Rick Rubin. Duane Eddy lends his guitar skills throughout the album, and Mark Knopfler plays rhythm guitar on a few songs; it was all done live, except for Knopfler's guitar parts, which were recorded in England.

"These guys tell me they're genuinely thrilled to be here," says Auerbach, "because we're making records like they used to."

Other artists in on Auerbach's new project include bassist Dave Roe (who played with Cash for 22 years), drummer Gene Christman and pianist Bobby Wood. Christman and Wood were part of Memphis' American Sound Studios house band, and they played on songs by Dusty Springfield and Elvis Presley.

"I learned so much from these guys," Auerbach admits, calling the album "a whole history of everything I love about music."

Auerbach's first single from Waiting on a Song is "Shine on Me." Readers can hear the track and see the album's full track listing below; the disc is available for pre-order via EasyEyeSound.com.

Dan Auerbach, Waiting on a Song Track Listing:

1. "Waiting on a Song"
2. "Malibu Man"
3. "Livin' in Sin"
4. "Shine on Me"
5. "King of a One Horse Town"
6. "Never in My Wildest Dreams"
7. "Cherrybomb"
8. "Stand By My Girl"
9. "Undertow"
10. "Show Me"

Hear Dan Auerbach's "Shine on Me"

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