Singer-songwriter Dalton Domino's new song "Daddy's Mud" takes a musical look at just how the people who raise us affect our own personalities and outlooks. Readers can press play above to watch the poignant music video for the song, which Domino is premiering for The Boot's readers ahead of the release of his new album.

There's plenty of pull-no-punches honesty in "Daddy's Mud": "It ain't my fault ... We look alike, and we talk the same," Domino begins. "I had no say / In growin' up the way Daddy did / Born by a home that was broken by two kids ..." Domino isn't afraid to highlight the tougher-to-stomach qualities that his father gave him: "I know how to hold a grudge / How to run before it gets tough / I guess that's Daddy's mud."

By the end of the song, however, Domino's tone has turned from bitter to introspective. "What I'm made of might not be much," Domino sings. "But to me, what I've got, it's enough / Even if it's Daddy's mud."

A native of Lubbock, Texas, Domino is preparing to release his third studio album, Songs From the Exile, later this summer. The 13-track project strips back the lusher sounds of his sophomore album, 2017's Corners, in favor of lighter arrangements that highlight his frank lyrics.

"When we recorded Corners, we had 93 different tracks on the very first song. Songs From the Exile was very simple by comparison," Domino says. "It was just five guys sitting in a room, playing their instruments together."

Domino, who released his debut album in 2015, wrote Songs From the Exile at home, during "my own personal rock bottom," in his words. He went to Mobile, Ala., however, to Dauphin Street Sound, to record the project -- and then checked himself into a treatment center to deal with his struggles with alcohol.

"This record is a collection of songs that are about specific moments in my life where I felt wronged — where I did things that were wrong — and I wrote it alone, in exile, during a year I spent learning how to look the things that kept me prisoner in the eye and let them go," Domino reflects. "I learned gratitude. I learned how to forgive.”

Songs From the Exile is due out on Aug. 23, via Lightning Rod Records.

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