Craig Wayne Boyd's 2017 album Top Shelf features the song "Wild Ways," written by James LeBlanc, James Matthew Nolan and Skip Black. Below, LeBlanc recalls to The Boot how the song got written -- and how it got recorded by Boyd not once, but twice.

I wrote that with a guy named Matt Nolan and a guy named Skip Black, and that -- we wrote that and cut a demo on that the same day, and it got pitched to Craig, and he liked it.

I think this is the second time he's cut it ... Yeah, he cut it a couple of years ago, and whatever went wrong ... and they weren't able to get that project off the ground, but I guess he liked it enough to turn around and record it again, which is really great. That's really awesome.

He's been around a while. I remember writing a song with him 10-plus years ago ... and I was pretty proud of him for doing a good job on The Voice ... Really, most of the time, when you win or you're on one of those shows, it doesn't pan out for one reason or another ... but luckily, he got some other things rolling, so that's good, but he'll still be able to capitalize on all that momentum of being on national television.

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