In this presidential election year, Craig Campbell knows what the real issue is: country music. The singer riffs on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again," in a new parody ad.

In the short video, which readers can watch above, Campbell is seen walking into the sunset as a list of the types of songs he plays appears on the screen -- songs that are "telling the story of the American Dream." The singer's newest single, "Outskirts of Heaven," plays throughout the video, which touts that country music is "not just music" but "a way of life." At the end of the video, "Craig Campbell '16: Making Country Music Great Again" appears as the artist himself says, "I'm Craig Campbell, and I approve this message."

"I love country music," says Campbell in a press release. "I have dedicated my life to making it the only way I know, which is great. In my book, there is only one kind of country music ... great country music. It's what I do."

Campbell has also created "Making Country Music Great Again" T-shirts, which fans can purchase online.

When Campbell isn't getting involved in the world of politics (sort of), he is getting ready for a USO Tour, on which he will embark in August. More information about the singer can be found on his website.

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