Admit it: You've got more than one guilty-pleasure song in your music collection. Whether it's something from the cheesy boy band you've loved since high school or a tune by an '80s hair band that you can't help but sing along to, we've all got a song or two on our iPods that, if someone found out, would make us blush -- country stars included.

Press play on the video above, and you'll find out that Garth Brooks likes to hit the high notes on "I Will Survive," Brett Eldredge calms down with some Enya, Cole Swindell works out with Selena Gomez and Tyler Farr gets a little choked up every time Mariah Carey sings her heart out on "Hero." But it might just be Dierks Bentley who has the most embarrassing tune in his collection ... and it's actually one of his own songs!

"I had a song I wrote a long time ago with my buddy Brett Beavers called "She Chews Tabbaco,"" Bentley admits with a far-off look in his eyes, before breaking into a few bars of the song: "She chews tobacco, but I can’t get within spittin’ distance / No matter how I beg or plead / She chews tobacco, rides on a tractor / But she won’t choose me." 

Uh, yeah -- that might be the worst. Good thing the country star has a lot of good songs to make up for the bad! "I Hold On," “What Was I Thinkin'” and "Riser" definitely make up for the fact that Bentley once wrote a song like that.

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