There is something special about listening to a vinyl record: You take the LP out of its sleeve and gently wipe off any dust, then you set it on the platter and drop the needle. You sit back and can't skip any tracks; you can't even walk away because, in about 20 minutes, you're going to have to flip the disc.

In other words, you hear the album the way the artist intended you to hear it: in its entirety.

As the year wraps up, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the utter magic of this listening experience by picking 10 of our favorite country and Americana vinyl releases of 2019. Some of these are brand-new records; some feature never-before-heard tracks; and others are box sets that capture significant portions of artists' careers. What these picks all have in common, though, is that each one elevates the listening experience to something special and distinct.

Take a look through our picks below:

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