Confederate Railroad are getting ready to release a new album, their first in nine years.

Lucky to Be Alive will make its debut on July 15. In addition to new songs such as "Fast Cars and Guitars" and "Don't Feel as Young as I Used To" -- featuring Charlie Daniels and Dan Tyminski, respectively -- the project will also feature a new version of the band's Top 10 hit "Trashy Women." For the new version of the track, Willie Nelson, John Anderson and Colt Ford will join the group.

“Every night we play this song," reflects Confederate Railroad lead singer Danny Shirley, "I am amazed and thankful at its staying power."

Shirley is a writer on seven of Lucky to Be Alive's 12 tracks. He co-produced the disc with Blue Miller. A complete track listing is below.

Additional information about Lucky to Be Alive, as well as details on Confederate Railroad's upcoming shows, is available on the band's official website.

Confederate Railroad, Lucky to Be Alive Track Listing:

1. "Lucky to Be Alive"
2. "Played the Game"
3. "The Man I Am Today
4. "If I Ever Cross That Line"
5. "Trashy Women (20th Anniversary)"
6. "Goodbye Song"
7. "Somebody Like You"
8. "Whisky and Women"
9. "Fast Cars and Guitars"
10. "Don’t Feel as Young as I Used To"
11. "Psycho B---h From Hell (Live)"
12. "I’m Not Fallin’ for That"

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