Colt Ford has released a brand-new track, "4 Lane Gone," as his next single -- and fans may be a bit surprised at its sound.

Written by Houston Phillips, Josh Thompson and Kyle Fishman, "4 Lane Gone" finds country rapper Ford switching it up from his usual spoken-word delivery and singing (!).

“I constantly try to become better as an artist ... Phillips, Thompson and Fishman, great songwriters and friends of mine, sent this song to me. I knew the moment I heard "4 Lane Gone" it was a hit, but I didn't know if I could deliver the song the way it needed to be," Ford explains in a press release. "I pushed myself further than I ever have, and I am so proud of this song. I know I am far from the best singer, but I have found my voice, and I have never been more excited!”

The first taste of Ford's upcoming Love Hope Faith album, "4 Lane Gone" finds the artist lamenting that a love has moved on, while he ... well, hasn't quite yet.

"I crack one waitin' on a ride / Two or three just to pass the time / While she's headed to a new town / And I'm too lost to be found," Ford sings in the chorus of "4 Lane Gone. "She probably thinks that I don't care / Stuck in a rut in the middle of nowhere / And just my luck I'll be here all night long / Man, I'm bummed out, back-road buzzed, and she's four-lane gone."

"4 Lane Gone" is available for purchase on iTunes now. According to a release, Love Hope Faith will make its debut in early 2017.

Hear Colt Ford's "4 Lane Gone"

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