Cole Bradley is adorably in love in his new "Love Made Me" music video. Readers can watch the clip, premiering exclusively on The Boot, above.

The "Love Made Me" video follows Bradley and a significant other (played by Izzy Dilger, a digital influencer and long-time family friend of Bradley's) from morning to night. They're clearly smitten, playing tricks on each other, goofing around with Instagram filters and taking a spontaneous jump into a lake. By the end of the clip, they're letting loose in a romantically lit barn, dancing to the bright, upbeat song.

"Your love made me twist like a worm on a hook / Jumpin' through hoops just to get you to look / Like a shot in the dark, you had me right from the start / Actin' like a fool tryin' to make you smile," Bradley sings in the acoustic guitar-driven chorus. "Fallin' head over heels had never been my style / And I swear I wasn't crazy / 'Til your love made me."

Directed, filmed and edited by Oliver Banyard, the "Love Made Me" music video also features cameos from Bradley's sister, his friend Kody and Dilger's fiance Chris. "[Banyard] wrote an awesome script for the video that allowed us to not only deliver a great product but also have a ton of fun," Bradley shares.

Bradley co-wrote "Love Made Me" with Eric Mallon, whom the singer says "help[ed] me dive deep into [the] kind of emotions that we've all experienced from this kind of 'insane love.'" Even if the relationship doesn't work out, you're left with memories of adventures you may never have otherwise had.

"I feel like most people have been with someone that makes them feel like they’ve gone crazy -- in the best possible way," Bradley reflects of the song. "I once dated this girl and I felt as though she had me doing things and feeling ways that I had never felt before."

Bradley has been performing since the young age of five. The Calgary, Alberta, Canada, native moved to Nashville in 2016, for school, and graduated from Belmont University this year.

"Love Made Me" is Bradley's newest single. Visit for more on his career happenings.

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