Alabama singer-songwriter CoCo O'Connor is debuting her new song "Crenshaw County" exclusively with The Boot. Readers can press play below to listen.

Written by O'Connor and Mark Narmore, "Crenshaw County" shares the perspective of a factory worker: "a man who has been nowhere but yet everywhere ... a man who's given everything and doesn't have much to show for it," according to O'Connor. She was inspired to tell the story after, while out on the road in Summer 2016, passing by a closed-down shoe factory during a run.

When O'Connor brought the idea to Narmore, he brought up a man named Robert Pritchett, the uncle of songwriter and former DJ Bobby Tomberlin, "who pretty much never left his county that he was born and raised in," according to O'Connor. They weaved some of what Tomberlin had told Narmore about his uncle together with O'Connor's work and named the song "Crenshaw County," after the real-life county in Alabama where Tomberlin and Pritchett lived.

"Crenshaw County" comes from This Ol' War, O'Connor's sophomore album, due out on June 8. O'Connor put the record together in Nashville, after having left Music City for Santa Fe, N.M., to find a little freedom. She and producer Park Cason assembled the project over the course of five months; it follows her debut disc, 2016's Turquoise.

Fans can visit for more information about This Ol' War and to keep up with O'Connor's tour plans.

Listen to CoCo O'Connor's "Crenshaw County":